There’s something ridiculous about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e – it just feels fake.

You take it out of the box, and it’s like some sort of fake tablet because it’s so bloody light and thin!

At 400g or so in weight, and just 5.5mm thin – you can feel immediately just how far we’ve come.

The 10.5 inch screen seems wider than normal but it’s just that the borders and boundaries are being pushed. It’s a stunner of a screen though like all glass tablet screens does suffer from a bit of glare but when you’re on a plane, sitting in the lounge room or laying in bed binging content – it’s all good.

Snappy performance that never left me wondering or wanting for more.

Honestly, it’s the lightweight and super thin nature of this device that will blow your mind – and for the average and power tablet user it will do more than what you need.

Because it’s so thin, I would recommend a case – it’s really easy to slip out of your hands. So you’re up for another $99 for a book style case that will act as a stand too, or $189 for a keyboard cover.

Speaking of price – it sits in an interesting space.

Apple’s entry level iPad, while not quite as powerful as it’s Air or Pro models is bloody good value at $469.

At the top end Apple’s iPad Pro starts at a staggering $1229 – that’s a premium power device though.

So in the middle is Apple’s iPad Air – at $779, it’s $130 more than the Samsung which really starts to put this device in perspective. It’s thinner than the iPad and when it comes to apps there isn’t anything be concerned about because you’re mainly on the web, in your streaming apps or social aren’t you?

If you want more storage or 4G connectivity that can take you up as high as $949, but honestly at $649 with WiFi and 64GB of storage I don’t know why you need to spend more.

For many years Samsung Tablets have been my go-to on trips and plane flights around the world.

The battery life on this puppy will get you to Europe with ease – unless you are awake the entire 24 hours. There’s 15 hours or so of local video viewing capabilities – more than enough for some in-flight binging with meals and naps in between.

Overall, I love it – amazing how much is being packed into such a small package, and super impressed with the performance.