Have you ever wondered how many trips you’ve taken using an Uber? What about how much you’ve spent on Uber rides?

Well now you can see it at a glance. A plugin for the Chrome Browser will analyse your Uber account and give you all the data you could ever need.

To get access, firstly visit the Chrome Extension page for Rideshare Trip Stats. (You have to be using Chrome Browser)

Install that plugin, then visit the Uber website and login to view your trips.

Once you can see your recent trips, click the small U button now in the status bar of your browser (Near your profile image) and let it do it’s thing!

You’ll get a snapshot look:

And here’s Bowen’s:

I’ve spent 2 and a half days in Ubers:)

Gotta be honest, I thought I’d taken a lot more rides.

Here’s an interesting one, highlighting the popularity of the Camry perhaps – for both Bowen and I – Toyota was far and away the number 1 car we’ve ridden in:

Take a look – really interesting stats!

Sadly, it won’t tell you why you don’t have a five star rating!