We are known whingers when it comes to a car having or not having Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. In this day and age it’s almost unforgivable not to offer it. But Audi has had a bit of drama this week, with a “stop delivery” notice placed on new A3, A4, A5, Q2, Q5, Q7, TT and R8 models.

Joshua Dowling the National Motoring Editor at caradvice.com.au has revealed the notice was issued on the 29thof June. A software glitch was inadvertently displaying text messages on the infotainment screen when connected to an Android device, instead of showing only that a text message has been received.

Apple CarPlay users were not affected. Mr Dowling who’s also a World Car of the Year and Engine of the Year judge adds: “The ban was lifted Tuesday night Australian time, 2 July 2019, after a fix was approved by Audi head office in Germany. Dealers across Australia were due to be notified first thing today (3 July 2019).”

The good news is all affected Audi models will be updated free of charge, even those outside of the standard three-year warranty.

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