It’s everything not for the man. After we and many others lauded the Range Rover Evoque which turned the humble SUV into a mean-arsed sports car, it went and did this to it. Say hello (and goodbye) to the Victoria Beckham Limited Edition.

So why would you want a Victoria Beckham branded limited edition Range Rover Evoque? Well, you don’t. And frankly speaking, if your wife wants one, you should be considering whether you want your wife or not. We kid… or do we?

The Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Limited Edition features hand finished matt grey paint job, glossy black roof highlights, new vents and wheel arches, 20-inch wheels with gold accents, a centre console with rose gold, semi-aniline vintage tan leather seats and a matching four piece luggage set. We are trying to confirm the rumour that it also comes with built-in poodle.

But what about the specs? Well, just like Posh Spice herself, the features of the Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Limited Edition are purely superficial. Ouch. Yep, that was a bit harsh and we will admit it. Mrs Becks may be an extremely likeable person so we retract that statement. It was more a dig at Range Rover for killing such a brilliant car by adding a lot of unnecessary crap to it.

Thankfully only 200 of these will be built. If you really, really want one (geddit?) then look out for them in October.

Via: Uncrate
Web: Range Rover