I received a text today from Australia Post, in the past I’ve received legitimate messages regarding various deliveries from this same contact. However, my suspicions were immediately raised when I saw this:

First of all, Dick Smith? Yes, they’re now owned by Kogan but I’m fairly certain I’ve never hit them up for a “Phone won in competition”. The message “packaged detained in terminal” sounds alarming, but due to a missing payment of freight of just $1, um no.

Australia Post has posted the following advice.

7th August 2019

We’ve been advised of an SMS scam claiming to come from Australia Post.

The SMS claims that you have a package ‘detained in terminal’ and asks for a payment to retrieve your package. This SMS has not come from Australia Post and is a phishing scam. Please do not click any links or make any payments.

For more advice on how to protect yourself click here.

These lowlife scum target the vulnerable and less tech savvy. So spread the word.