Do you have a dumb TV that you’re perfectly happy with, mainly because you don’t want to spend a couple of grand to upgrade to something with more brains? Well JBL Australia and New Zealand has partnered with Samsung to create a new product that may see you take a leap of faith.

The idea is pretty simple, a powerful soundbar with excellent Harman audio plus the ability to make your TV smarter. It allows for Android TV plus has the Google Assistant built-in. The voice-controlled bar is another JBL and Google partnership, one that expands the JBL LINK series.

So instead of investing in say a Telstra TV you can have awesome sound combined with a new world of content. We’re talking, movies, live sports, streaming apps and even multiplayer games.

Google allows access to Netflix or YouTube videos, plus voice commands make your previously lifeless TV far more than just a novelty.

A Chromecast is built-in that will support high-definition video content and sound. You simply connect the LINK BAR to your home Wi-Fi network. Once done you can then ‘cast’ from your smartphone, tablet or laptop any content you like.

In case you’re wondering The LINK BAR has multiple HDMI inputs plus a single-cable connection to the TV. There’s even an optional subwoofer.

The three HDMI inputs support 4K with one HDMI ARC output

Marcus Fry, part of the brains trust at JBL Australia and New Zealand and for HARMAN said;“The JBL LINK BAR gives consumers an intuitive way to enjoy an amazing viewing experience, along with powerful, rich sound,”

“We believe in having technology seamlessly integrate with your life, and the LINK BAR is a natural progression of that philosophy.”

Perhaps this may be a way to get your Dad to upgrade that ageing TV for the big day this weekend.

It’s on sale now with pricing sitting at:

  • LINKBAR: $599.95
  • Subwoofer: $399.95
  • Total Package: $999.90