Kogan has upped the ante on TVs with what they are calling the most affordable QLED TV yet.

QLED to many people means Samsung but in fact it’s a technology used by a wide range of manufacturers including TCL and others.

Kogan’s latest release is a 55inch Smart TV with QLED technology – at $799.99 it sure is bloody cheap.  However it should be noted that’s their “resale” price – the product itself ships on August 30th.  

After the presale you will pay an extra $100.

Great price, but remember, you’re buying more than just the Quantum Dot layer on the screen when you buy a TV – so don’t directly price compare a Kogan QLED to another QLED – the image processing power, and the user interface alone are important factors from brand to brand.

It should also be noted this is what Kogan call a “Smart” TV, not their “Smarter TV” which is an Android TV.

Regardless, for a 55 inch TV, nice price, good features and the bottom line most surely is the picture here will be better than that on a Kogan LED TV – with brighter colours and possibly a better viewing angle too.

Web: Kogan.com