No but seriously this robot has a lot of practical uses for the elderly, handicapped or otherwise occupied individual on the go. They’re calling it a professional ‘delivery & service’ robot and it has some seriously cool features.

The TrolleyBOT is capable of carrying up to 150kg and can both be directed to travel somewhere or follow you around. It has enough cameras and sensors to run an advanced autonomous navigation & obstacle avoidance mechanism that could easily operate through a shopping center.

While I couldn’t get information on exact battery life, we do know that it has autonomous capability up to 5 hours and/or 14 km… whichever comes first! I’m not too sure I’d send my groceries 14 km unattended, but in a ‘follow behind me’ capacity – that’s kind of cool.

Technology like the TrolleyBOT is the reason we come to CES each year – advancements in robotics like this will quite seriously change lives, especially for those who are less-able.

And while TrolleyBOT is still headed toward production, we now know that something of this scale is entirely possible. It’s only a matter of time.