Do you use a laptop or desktop computer that doesn’t have Bluetooth but want to use Bluetooth headphones or other Bluetooth connected devices? Well I found the solution. My work computer didn’t come with Bluetooth installed and there was zero chance of getting an upgrade. 

I was able to use an old pair of headphones plugged into the headphone jack but that effectively tethered me to the computer. Playing music or recordings out connected speakers would just be too disruptive to my long-suffering colleagues. 

I needed to find a solution so I could use my Bluetooth headphones. I came across a product called the Targus Bluetooth 4.0 Dual-Mode Micro USB Adapter. 

This tiny USB adapter plugs straight into a USB port on your computer and after a quick install of the software from the included CD, I was ready to go. I’ve been able to connect my Airpods and a Bluetooth speaker and stream music without any trouble.

The range is great. I’ve been able to walk 20 metres down a hallway and the Bluetooth has kept the connection. 

Not only can this little product connect Bluetooth speakers, it can connect a total of 7 devices, including a wireless printer, mouse and keyboard as well. 

You can pick up the Targus Bluetooth Adapter for $39 from JB Hi-Fi