The last time I came across a projector was one of those overhead style ones at school. Mr Miller loved that thing in legal studies and what a cool piece of tech that was. So, as you’ve immediately gathered, I have no idea about what is doing the rounds in 2019. But in recent times our Dictator Trevor Long has changed all this by loaning me some examples. I kicked off with the $1,699 Epson Australia portable laser projector, the EF-100B.

When I first set this thing up and pointed it at a random wall I immediately text Trevor and said, “I need this”. But once my impulsive tendencies settled down a little, I quickly ascertained that yes while I still need one, I need to gain a broader understanding about this space.

The EF-100B/W, B or W simply meaning what colour the casing is, creates a very bright and vivid laser projected image. Epson is renowned in this field, so what I was seeing was top shelf stuff at this price. 

Especially considering it was being cast from something the size of a shoebox. 

It can throw an image that’s up to 150 inches, so some seriously supersized content. You don’t require a special screen; a whitish wall is just fine. Although absolute darkness is ideal, Epsom claim the laser light delivers a bright, vibrant image even during the day.

Size matters but you need the space

I spent a lot of time trying to fit 150 inches somewhere, in fact I spent several hours trying to manipulate the clever keystone auto picture adjustment feature. I almost got there, but I don’t exactly have a home theatre on hand.

Henry was captivated by the new “TV”

Getting content onto a wall simple, all you need is a Chromecast or the included Amazon Fire TV stick.

There’s also a HDMI port for other suitable devices, it’s so basic in fact I had content casting to a wall in our kitchen about five minutes after unboxing it.

There are built-in speakers on board, but they’re crap. But all you need to do is find a Bluetooth sound bar or just plug in some headphones. 

The EF-100W/B looks great, especially in black with copper edging. There are few buttons and the case is wrapped in a leather-like finish.

I had to downsize

You should have seen my two-year old react to the image disappearing when I turned the unit off. While it’s nowhere near the quality of a 4K TV, he completely flipped out to see a rather amazing image just vanish. 

I loved my time with the EF-100B, but now it’s gone I do wonder if it was really a practical item for my house. 

Web: Epson

Price: $1,699.

Key features:

  • Stylish finishes (EF-100W white and silver/EF-100B black and copper)
  • Compact (WxDxH/mm:210x227x88)
  • Lightweight (2.7kg)
  • Long-lasting and high-quality (laser light source) 
  • Vibrant and realistic images even in daylight (3LCD technology, 2,000lm,
  • 2,500,000:1 dynamic contrast, WXGA resolution)
  • Big display size (up to 150 inches)
  • Project on almost any surface and in any direction (laser light source, vents and power inlet on the side)
  • Stress-free set up (welcome guide, automatic keystone correction V +/- 45°, easy to use remote)
  • Simple to stream content (1x HDMI 2.0,1x USB for power supply)
  • Easy sound options (built-in 5W speaker, Bluetooth audio connectivity, headphone jack)
  • Low fan noise (26db / 29db)