It’s all the rage – even my wife has noticed that very few people out on a walk these days are wearing earphones that have a cable running down to their phone, so the age of being totally wireless is really here.

Apple’s AirPods weren’t the first, but as usual they somehow defined a market segment and created a bigger market overall.

Now, we can expect these in-ear headphones from everyone, and our mates at JBL are no different.

These are the TUNE 120 TWS – they are just $150 or less, and they are everything you need.

Pairing was fast and easy – though this is done with the right earbud only – but don’t worry, that’s spelled out clearly in the simple setup guide.

Each side has a button, the JBL logo – and for power both sides work – or you can just put them back into the case, they power up as soon as they are taken out.

On the left side, you have track controls – single click to advance, two clicks to go back.

On the right side you have pause and play, or phone controls, plus a two click initiates your phone’s voice assistant.

Phone call quality was good, not amazing – it seemed to trip from ear to ear a couple of times during the call, but for me that’s not a deal breaker – I’m rarely taking calls with headphones to be honest.

Audio quality though, excellent. Typical JBL sound profile with a touch of Bass, but really immersive all in all – especially when you choose the right tip to ensure a snug fit.

Quite often the term “you get what you pay for” makes a solid point about the quality of an item compared to another, but in this case, one would argue that it perhaps is more indicative of the very simply put high pricing of other models.

I’m sure there are and will be cheaper models with less than amazing sound, but for $150, I think JBL have drawn a line in the sand on just how much you need to pay for a great sounding set of truely wireless earphones.

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