You probably don’t think much about the mouse you have on your computer – then again, maybe you do. Whatever the case – wake up – there’s a new kid on the block.

The third generation of Logitech’s MX Master is a step ahead once again in terms of speed and accuracy in many ways.

I’ve been using MX Master devices since they came out, and the well “coloured” white one on my desk right now is a sign of just that.

With electromagnets inside the new Scroll Wheel is the standout of the MX Master 3.

You can “silently scroll” through thousands of lines in a flick of the finger.

Delphine Donne-Crock at Logitech knows it too well “Our newest flagship product is designed for advanced users, such as software developers, engineers or designers, who want to be more productive and need to interact with their digital content at the speed of thought,”

“The MX Master 3 MagSpeed Scroll Wheel is our fastest, quietest and most advanced scrolling wheel to date.”

Ergonomics stay the same and it’s a relaxed feel under the hand, while underneath a “Darkfield” 4000 DPI sensor tracks movements on all surfaces – even glass.

And you should get 70 days of use in a full charge, with the end normally taking you by surprise because you just think it will go forever, a quick three minute charge gets you back on the tools for a full day.

In stores in October, the MX Master 3 will set you back $149.95, but if you’re a desk bound computer worker – get on it – it’s worth it.