If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – that’s a pretty solid way to ensure you keep your product working well in the market and for a long time the Rode PSA1 microphone arm has been just right. But a few tweaks and the new Rode PSA1+ now meets the needs of the modern podcaster perfectly.

The EFTM studio has two PSA1’s and my home podcast studio has three. The desk I built was drilled out and created with these original beasts in mind and it’s been great.

But, with a few tweaks, the upgrade looks the part.

While the overall parallelogram spring design remains, the finger clipping gap in the middle is now covered by a stylish black sleeve complete with obligatory Rode branding.

The contact mounts now have rubber inside for superior isolation of any knocks fo the desk, and the cable management is now part of the sleeve, and even the new look almost silver gold desk mount also has an opening for cables to run under the desk.

Paired with almost any mic, be it a Rode, Shure or a streamers choice like HyperX, this mount gives you a good look, but also smooth use when bringing it into and out of position.

A new Rode PSA1+ Microphone Arm will set you back $199. We’ll get one out and put it side by side with the original soon.