Early next year the next generation of mesh WiFi systems will hit the market with Netgear launching their Orbi WiFi 6 mesh system

The current Orbi system has been a game changer for thousands of homes across Australia – bringing high speed WiFi to every single corner of homes, something the average ISP modem just doesn’t do.

As we get close to 2020 the networking needs of the average homes are changing dramatically.

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4K streaming, a view to an imminent world of 8K streaming, connected devices in every room really puts some load on a WiFi network – and frankly the existing systems won’t be able to cope with that many devices.

WiFi 5 provides more simultaneous connections, increased capacity for all that traffic so the higher speed devices aren’t slowed down by the simple Internet of Things devices which are remarkably slower.

Netgear’s David Henry says “NETGEAR is pleased to be the first to bring to market the next generation mesh system capable of bringing multi-gigabit internet speeds to every corner of your home solving the need for greater speed, coverage and connection capacity,”

He went on to articulate just how big of a leap forward WiFi 6 is “Now in an era where there are more devices than ever competing for bandwidth, home WiFi networks are grinding to a halt. Only Orbi WiFi 6, with four times the network capacity of WiFi 5 (802.11ac) can solve for this problem.” 

We don’t have pricing for Australia yet – it will most certainly be a premium price as the best of the best WiFi for your home – and it will be available in the first few months of next year.