This Wednesday morning Eastern Australian time Apple will hold their annual “September Event” – of course it’s not called that, it’s just a big event for Apple but for those of us who are eagle eyed Apple watchers – this is the big one – the iPhone event.

So, with just a few days to go, what do we expect – what is rumoured, and how will it play out.

It will be big – for a couple of reasons. Firstly, any iPhone event is big – it really is Apple’s most important product given it is in the pockets of millions and millions of people around the world.

Then theres the lead up announcements, back in March the announcement of so many new services really shifted the focus for Apple – now those services need to launch and be priced, so we need to hear all about that – plus, there is a fair bit of hype – and hope – around the possibility of something brand new. More on that later.

What time is the Apple Event in Australia?

Aussie super-fans can get up at 3am and hit the Apple Website or your Apple TV to watch the whole event live. There are also plenty of web and social ways to follow along. Follow @TrevorLong and @EFTM on twitter, and over at there will be a live blog.

Apple TV+

This was the headline from the March event at Apple HQ. A subscription streaming service featuring some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

We need to know when it will launch, and we need to know what it will cost.

Expect a couple of Big Stars on stage – perhaps not as many as last time – and expect a few big preview screenings for some of the shows.

For those of us in Australia there is one other issue – what else will be available on Apple TV+ – what shows, what movies, what content. It cannot just be the new Apple content they are making.

Lots to learn!

Apple News+

A single subscription and a bunch magazines and news papers paywall content in your phone – so when will it launch in Australia and what will it cost? Big deal for Apple – though I think it might not be their biggest Aussie success story.

Apple Arcade

Again, a single cost and a whole lot of content? Pay a monthly fee and get heaps of games with no in app purchases, new games now and then? Sounds awesome. So when will it launch and what will it cost – fill in the blanks Apple.

2019 iPhone Models

Ahh, the real Hype. Loads of leaks, including the mock models we have shown you here at EFTM. Are they accurate?

We should see three new phones – an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R.

There is some talk of using the Pro label on a phone, also talk of Apple Pencil compatibility.

Critically, Apple need a camera that will knock things out of the park – stiff competition in that area.

Apple Watch

We are up to Series 4 already, so what could a Series 5 offer? Frankly, if there is an update it will be small and incremental – the Apple Watch is already the best smartwatch on the market, so whatever they announce will be a surprise!

One More Thing?

Because we have not heard the phrase “One More Thing” in two years, there is a good case for something new and interesting.

Solid rumours are around for an Apple Tracker.

Now, the most common “tracker” on the market today is TILE. Tile has been around for six years – and is a brilliant concept.

For those who don’t know, Tile is a tiny tracker you can attach to your keyring (or almost anything else) and be located when within range of your phone.

It uses Bluetooth to pair with your phone, and when you can’t find the item, you simply press a button on your phone and the Tile makes a noise.  Easy.

But the real genius in Tile is the community.  Drop your keys at the shops?  Here’s what happens.  Your phone can’t reach it – unless you are standing near it.  BUT – if someone else who has the Tile app installed walks past your keys, it pings back to Tile, without that random person knowing.  You get an alert – and you can pop back and find your keys.

So what is Apple planning?  Look back to WWDC in June, when they announced that Find My iPhone would be renamed as “Find My” in iOS 13 and MacOS etc.

If you look at “Find My” you get the option to find People and Devices.  People are your family or any friends that are sharing their location.  Devices are all your Apple devices like Phones, iPads and Macs.

Rumours are strong that a third category will be added – “Items”.  The Apple Locator – or whatever it’s called, could be a Tile killer.

While Tile is amazing, Apple have hardware control of phones and laptops so the millions and millions of people with Apple devices walking around are going to be a huge asset in the finding of random items.

We’ll learn the details – if this is in fact true – at the event.  I for one think this will be a big winner for Apple, and could well operate on a subscription basis instead of an outright purchase like Tile.

Wait and see.

All will be revealed, 3am Wednesday – The event should last around two hours.

EFTM is travelling to Cupertino as a guest of Apple Australia