Telstra has launched a world first for a mobile carrier via a new partnership with Google. Voice-activated outbound calls made through the telco can now be made with customers who have Google Home/Nest devices.

Eligible customers can add up to six mobile accounts to their Google Nest device and sync contacts straight to their Google account. 

Telstra provide the following examples of what is possible via voice activation:

  • Call a contact name, for example, “Hey Google, call Mum”
  • Call a number
  • Call a business, for example, “Hey Google, call ABC Pizza”
  • Call Emergency, e.g. “Hey Google, call triple zero” (or alternatives including “Hey Google call Zero Zero Zero”)

You will need a compatible smartphone with a Telstra mobile service. A smart device from Google such as the Home, Mini, Max or Nest Hub plus a Google or Gmail account. 

The service is free, so ring mum!

Web: Telstra