Wow the LifeStyler has got real loose this week, this topic could be even more controversial than bagging cyclists. Good luck L.S.

OK so the LifeStyler is lucky they have 3 toilets in their house.

An ensuite, a shared bathroom and a downstairs toilet.  The LifeStyler uses the “Guest” downstairs toilet allowing other family members shall we say full access to the other facilities. For most of the time this Guest toilet is the sole domain of the LifeStyler not that I spend that much time in there.

So I have some good male friends who often come round for a late weekend afternoon drink before returning to other family duties. Now here’s the thing I keep the toilet seat up and none of my family members mess with this but my new age mates insist on closing the toilet seat. Imagine my disgust when approaching my throne I find that it has been left in a state of chaos, fast access is not permissible.  Imagine holding back after a thousand beers and first thing you must do is rearrange the toilet lids. Now these so called friends of mine have been brained washed no doubt by the fairer sex but this is just not on.  How dare they question my position on the correct toilet etiquette in my own home.

But men of Australia unite as this sordid tale worsens (no not like that – put those thoughts out of your mind).  Imagine my disgust when I find someone has replaced a toilet role with the paper feeding from the rear.  I draw your attention to exhibit A.

Which clearly shows the patent for the toilet role holder.  It can be seen the paper rolls from the front you nathanderals.  This neat function also puts the paper closer to action.

My last area of concern relates to those individuals who must bring their business to work. Really do you have to! Can’t you do it in the privacy of your own home – obviously not.  You instead bring it to work spray it around like some sort of territorial display and leave out for others to admire until the poor cleaner arrives at the end of the day whom surely could not be cleaning those displays of art for money! No money in the world would see me venturing into that stall let alone remove that graffiti.

Normal programing will return next week!