After a lengthy trial, and a missed launch date in August, from Today NSW driver’s licence holders can use a Digital Driver’s Licence within the Service NSW app.

At the NSW State Election, the Government announced the trials would move to a state-wide roll-out, however that date came and went.

This morning, it’s available to all.

All you need to do is use the Service NSW app. If you’ve got it already for your fishing licence or rego renewals you just need to login.

Otherwise, register your Service NSW account and download the app!

The process is really quite simple, it’s a case of following the prompts step by step.

You’re given all the information you need to know to live in the new fully digital world

Once you open the app, it’s time to get cracking!

Of course there are some “rules” around the use of your Digital Licence, including keeping your phone charged!

Having lived in the Digital Licence world now for a few months, I can tell you it’s a game-changer not having to have your wallet with you. We all have our phones with us all the time, so now we’re never without ID – officially!

Download Now on iOS & Android