We’re almost there, we’re very close to the digital future where carrying a wallet is a thing of the past. NSW residents get ready, the full roll-out of the Digital Drivers Licence is happening real soon.

As part of the NSW Budget Announcement (go figure?) the next steps for the roll out of the app-based Digital Drivers Licence.

Having trialled the digital licence in Dubbo, Eastern Sydney and down in Albury the Government and NSW Police are ready to take it mainstream.

Starting in August, all NSW residents will be able to get their own Digital Licence via the Service NSW app.

I was able to join the last weeks of the trial this week, and get a good look at the Digital Licence.

It’s very well done – all the data within it is drawn from the Service NSW registration database, including your photo and signature.

Everything that’s displayed on a printed licence is shown on the digital one, there’s even a holographic style Wattle overlay which shines as you move the phone around.

The large QR code on the licence allows Police – or any other Digital Licence holder – scan your licence to check it’s valid.

This ensures that a car dealer can check you’re licence is legit, and is a quick scan process for Police.

For those who use their plastic drivers licence to sign into Registered Clubs, there’s an additional option to “Sign in to a venue” in the settings:

This brings up a SCAN option which will allow you to scan a QR code at a venue to sign in.

All in all, it’s a great process – works well and is secure behind your PIN or FaceID.

Look out for it in your Service NSW app soon, South Australian residents you’re coming soon, everyone else – time to hit up your local member!