This is easily the biggest TV you’re going to come close to getting in your home – at 100 Inches it’s got some serious bang for your $19,999 buck.

A similarly sized LED TV (Samsung 8K) will be $999 per inch, the Hisense Laser TV is just $199.99 per inch. Talking real though, you’ll pay less per inch for an 82 inch Samsung 8K TV. So – who the heck is this TV for?

At 100 Inches it sits impressively in your lounge room. Watching Netflix in the evening, or any prime time TV is going to be mind blowing.

However, it’s important we lead with the caveat. The lighting needs to be just right. Hisense boldly demonstrated this unit for review in a luxury home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs where the light shone in behind you as you watched TV.

In the late afternoon, it looked great. Really, impressive stuff. But in the morning as the light intensity was much higher – not so much. Watching movies, even playing XBox the whole picture is washed out and almost hard to see.

Because the Laser TV is actually a short-throw projector which sits on your entertainment unit and projects the picture up onto a fixed screen (which is part of the purchase price), you have a “grey” dominance in the picture that makes things hard to watch in bright light.

Hisense see this as the future of TV’s of a larger size. I don’t.

In controlled light though, wow, that bang for your buck makes this compelling.

And by controlled light – I mean, just blinds would do it. I tested this in a room with no blinds – the light was on when the sun was up. Simple.

What’s quite amazing though is the technology in the screen itself ensures that other light in the room like your ceiling light – doesn’t glare or reflect off the screen – this is quite phenomenal.

The unit is a genuine TV – it has 4 HDMI inputs, a TV tuner built in and runs Hisense’s VIDAA U operating system to you use it like any other Hisense TV.

Also, the console unit has some epic JBL sound built in with a subwoofer included too – so for your purchase price you’re getting all that – plus installation.

For all it’s flaws in terms of possible positioning in an Aussie home, this is a bloody great TV.

In the man cave, the theatre room, or a lounge or family room that isn’t surrounded by windows and light from outside – this really is a compelling concept for a big-screen viewing experience.

Problem is though, who’s got a lazy twenty grand lying around?

Hisense have a few of these on show at JB HiFi locations, so check it out with your own eyes…