Here’s a bright idea, a single app that helps you pay for parking and make sure you’re not caught out on a parking zone change – and it’s from the Government.

The NSW Government have launched the app called Park ‘n Pay which allows you to choose a parking meter from the app, select the duration of your park and pay all in one app.

That’s not really crazy amazing, but it’s the additional smarts that we love.

You’re at a meeting or lunch, and you get a notification – 10 mins to go on your parking space. Add more time to the meter with just a tap in the app.

And if the parking zone is about to change, say from 2 hour to a Loading Zone you’ll be advised too.

Simple reminders keeping parking simple.

Be warned though, it all runs on the existing council meters. There’s no change to the parking rules. So if it’s a two-hour zone, you can’t extend your parking past two hours, but if you pay for an hour in a two-hour zone you’ll be able to extend up to that two hours.

Here’s a full overview of the app:

And you can download now on iOS and Android.

The app only works with a very select group of meters in the Rocks, Pyrmont and Liverpool, with more councils expected to get on board over time.