Data is critical to almost all of our lives, we interact with it almost constantly every day, so it’s no surprise that portable hard drives are getting smaller, more affordable and also more stylish.

Seagate have today announced their One Touch SSD in a special edition will be available later this month in Australia.

The 500GB drive will set you back $119, while the 1TB drive will be $229.

This tiny drive comes in a woven fabric finish with a textured feel – similar to other Seagate Products in either White or Black, and the Special Edition features a series of Camo patterns in four available colours.

According to an IDC whitepaper (which Seagate sponsored), five billion people interact with data every single day, with that number jumping to six billion in just 5 years from now.

Jeff Fochtman from Seagate says “We have more ways than ever to instantaneously consume content, driving the need to create, distribute and manage data efficiently,”

“Easily accessible, fast, and reliable digital storage is more important than ever, and our new One Touch SSDs deliver style, portability, and effortless performance.”

Data transfer speeds of up to 400MB/s should make this the perfect backup drive for you to use, as well as simple file storage across a range of your devices.