Payment company Square is introducing a whole new point of sale system designed for restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses.

If you’ve ever looked over the shoulder of the staff as they look to find you a table in the restaurant, you might have seen a floorplan of the place with all the tables placed out on the screen.

This new Square for Restaurants is a sophisticated tool that allows managers to update menus and even create their own floor layouts.

It even goes so far as to offering staff management with time and performance tracking .

For customers, they’ll get the benefit of bill splitting, tipping and a whole lot more.

Alyssa Hentry from Square says “Square for Restaurants offers everything you need to run a full-service restaurant at full speed,

“Square has always been a great fit for smaller cafes and quick-service vendors, but we haven’t always been able to meet the needs of larger restaurants. This product enables us to step up and serve the bigger end of town, offering the robust functionality that’s needed for large-scale and multi-location operators.”

Perhaps in a sign of the success of Square in Australia, we’re the first market outside the USA where Square for Restaurants will be rolled out.

There’s also an additional launch today, with Square Loyalty launching for all Aussie Square businesses.

Using the Square point of sale app, and enables businesses to reward customers to drive more business through repeat customer interactions.

Square for Restaurants is available for $129 per months, while Square Loyalty starts at $49 per month.