United Airlines confirms Star Wars plane to take the skies!

Sadly we won’t be seeing this one in Australia, but if you’re a Star Wars nerd (that’s you Stephen Fenech) and you’re in the USA in the next year, book some United Airlines travel, you might just hop aboard this special bird:

Spotted by rabid Aviation Geek Jason Rabinowitz at United’s annual conference in Chicago, it’s one hell of a mock-up.

But better still, it’s not just a model – it’s being painted right now.

The aircraft will go back into service soon as United CEO Oscar Munoz confirmed to Jason it is more than just a model:

A true test of your Star Wars allegiance will be your seat booking.

Take the left-hand set of seats (A,B,C) and you’re a Jedi. Choose the right-hand set of seats (likely D,E,F) you’re on the Dark Side folks.

It’s all part of a massive promo run ahead of the release of the final instalment of the Skywalker Saga – “The Rise of Skywalker” in December.

Awesome stuff. Star Wars fans, talk to Stephen Fenech about your problems. Aviation Geeks, follow Jason Rabinowitz for total AvGeek joy.

United Airlines confirms Star Wars plane to take the skies!
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