Another player has joined the EV fast-charging field with a promise to connect major metropolitan areas. Evie Networks has opened a site between Brisbane and Noosa on the Bruce Highway in QLD today.

The plan is to rollout 42 sites by 2022, the chargers themselves are made by known player Tritium. They are rated at 350kW, currently the most powerful in the country.

It should be noted that there is no EV on the market that can actually use the full potential of these chargers, with most capped between 100kW and 150kW. The car, much like a mobile phone will instead limit the inflow of power to suit.

In fact, the only EV I’m aware of that can handle a massive 350kW charge is the yet to be released Porsche Taycan. But these systems need to be future proof. Otherwise it would be like building a new servo that only sold 91RON.

This kind of infrastructure needs money. Also announced recently was a $21 million boost in funding provided by the government run Australian Renewable Energy Agency or ‘ARENA’ that has provided Chargefox and Evie Networks with two ultra-rapid EV charging networks along major interstate highways around Australia.

Evie has also in recent times received private major funding thanks to $28M by its major shareholder, St Baker Energy Innovation Fund. It is now the most heavily funded EV charging operator in Australia.