This is pure genius.

You’ve installed a great WiFi network at home – because you want the internet in every corner of your home right?

Well, now that same WiFi might be able to act as part of your home security system too.

Linksys is adding a feature called “Linksys aware” to their Velop router system as an app upgrade. So if you already have a Velop Tri-Band router system – it’s ready.

(ignore the US pricing)

It’s remarkable technology when you think about it – when I first heard about it, I assumed it would know the kids are home because it detects their phone joining the network.

Likewise, if someone random was in the house, it would detect their mobile device even if it doesn’t join the network – just because it has WiFi on it.

But no, it’s much bigger than that.

Some form of intelligence under the hood has your Velop Router working out when the WiFi signal doesn’t bounce around the room as it normally does.

So a person entering the hall will be a difference for the device, triggering an alert.

Matthew Keasler from Linksys says “Motion sensing in Mesh WiFi has incredible potential to change the way people tap into the capabilities of their routers,”

“No longer will the router just be a device that enables Internet access in a home, it will be the cog that drives the smart home. Since Linksys is first-to-market, we anticipate playing a large role in that revolution.”

You can get alerts when the kids get home, you can have peace of mind when you’re away on holidays – plus, imagine having WiFi at the grandparents place so when you’re there you’ve got internet, and when you’re not there you’re getting insight into any changes to their normal routine through motion alerts. Amazing stuff.

You can see historical data for 60 days, and you can get actionable insights right within the app.

It’s free for 90 days, after that, $4.99 a month, or $39.99 per year.