A simple little software update makes all the difference really, and now, with that, your Sonos can access Spotify Free.

For those of us too tight to pay for Spotify Premium, but who love music and want a bit of the streaming action – you can now enable Spotify on Sonos even without that subscription.

It’s not the full Spotify experience for sure, and you will get ads within your playlists – but that’s the balance between free and premium.

Until now, only Premium subscribers could access Spotify on their Sonos, however, this update brings the streaming service to all Sonos owners.

You get ever Spotify song on shuffle, and that includes podcasts too. Plus 15 personalised playlists.

Of course, all of this could and should entice you to upgrade to premium – but, no pressure.

To get Spotify, make sure your Sonos is updated to the latest software version, then on the Sonos App choose Settings, Services, and Add service under Music.

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