For those of you not already playing, Minecraft Earth is an AR (augmented reality) mobile game that allows players to integrate the world of Minecraft with that of everyday life! It’s similar to the Pokemon Go app that swept the globe for a month back in 2016 – with nothing but your phone’s built-in camera, you can experience the unlimited creative potential that Minecraft has to offer.

In celebration of the launch, they’re putting on a PHYSICAL display to demonstrate all the game has to offer. The event is taking place this Saturday, the 16th of November from 10am all the way through to 7pm at Campbell’s Cove.

We’ve been told there will be life-size statues at the venue, as well as an interactive experience that could see the player walking away with a new in-game mob (whether that be a rare animal/character/etc is still to be seen!).

As a life-long Minecraft player, I’ve found the Minecraft Earth game to be a phenomenal way to make the concept more accessible to the mobile market. I’m now able to play a modified, yet still incredibly enjoyable version of the game while on the train, bus or just when bored around town. While the game promotes walking around and exploring your city, it can be enjoyed just the same from your desk.

The game, originally designed by Mojang was an enormous hit. Having since been bought out by Microsoft, we’ve only seen the game flourish further – with Minecraft Earth the latest update in what has been an incredible gaming experience.

We’re hearing that if you can’t make it this Saturday, the event will be repeated for the next two weekends, ending on Sunday, December 1. If you or those around you are fans of the game and you’re in Sydney, head on down to what is promising to be a pretty cool experience.