Virtual Reality has been a fringe gaming concept for some time now, held back by the high price of both the headset and the physical gaming PC itself.

Now, thanks to a new gaming experience open in Western Sydney – you can experience it for yourself.

Freak VR is one of the coolest VR experience I’ve taken part in. Situated in the same building at the iFly indoor sky-diving experience next to Panthers in Penrith, there are two styles of VR experience.

The first is a large open room experience for four players.

In this room, four players can play physically together in a virtual world. There are two options, an Escape room experience, or a Save the World style Zombie Apocolypse experience.

With full motion in a game limited space, it is utterly realistic.

Arizona Sunshine is the Zombie game and that will set you back $59 for a 20 to 30 minute experience. The Corsair’s Curse VR Escape Room is $79 for a 45 minute experience.

Upstairs, in the wings of the iFly tunnel, what was a gaming arcade has been converted into six VR arcade pods.

You can book a single pod for yourself, or multiple pods for a group, playing together or separately. Plus, there’s a Beat Sabre experience too.

Looks great, loads of fun should be popular these holidays.

A second FreakVR will open on the Gold Coast soon, with more and more likely to pop up outside of iFLy locations next year.

Web: FreakVR