Airborne allergens and pollen are a big problem for many people, in particular hay fever sufferers. While walking the halls of CES, I discovered a little product that could solve the problem. It’s the ible Airvida M1, a wearable Ionic Air Purifier. The personal air purifier is worn in a titanium necklace or alternatively, worn by clipping on to the collar of your shirt.

There are many airborne pollutants everywhere such as cigarette smoke, transportation fumes, pollen and pet dander. These mollecules in the air have gained a positive charge and become positive ion.

The personal Air Purifier creates negative ions around your face area and attaches itself to the positive ions in the molecules. By attaching itself to the positive ion, the negative ions turn the molecules into bigger and heavier chunks and thus causing them to fall to the ground away from the face of the wearer.

The ible Airvida M1 is able to produce 20 million+ negative ions/cm3 per 0.6 seconds and able to keep 2 millions negative ions/cm3 around the face when moving. The device is extremely light weight, weighing only 20g. The titanium necklace comes in two different sizes.

Stay tuned for Australian price and availability.

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