The nostalgia is heavy on this one. Big W will begin stocking Street Fighter 2 Championship edition arcade cabinets from Arcade1Up just in time for Christmas.

The cabinets first appeared in Australia when Aldi ran a limited ‘Special Buy’, offering the Street Fighter 2, as well as Rampage/Joust edition cabinets last year. Those units sold out rather quickly, but now you can get your hands on the Street Fighter 2 edition at Big W.

The $499 machine comes in a flat-pack, assemble yourself box which includes a 17″ Colour LCD screen, ‘Real-Feel’ arcade controls and of course three versions of your favourite Street fighting game:

  • Street Fighter II Champion Edition
  • Street Fighter II The New Challengers 
  • Street Fighter II Turbo 

Standing at just under 1.22 meters tall, the unit itself is pretty short. It’s an easy issue to overcome however, with players adding MDF risers to bring the height up to a more comfortable playing level.

Big W is taking pre-orders for the cabinets on their website, with stock hitting stores around the country from the 5th of December (two spotted in Woden, ACT).

No word from 1UpArcade on whether their new line of cabinets, which include a 4-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, Star Wars machine and even a Mortal Kombat cabinet will be arriving in Australia.

If this is all a bit new for you as a retro gamer, relax, you can still get the classic cabinet with Rampage, Joust, Defender and Gauntlet from Myer for $499 too.