The Simpsons have never been far from the top of the charts when it comes to Foxtel ratings. Going back right to the very start having The Simpsons on Fox8 proved to be a staple for ratings on the Pay TV platform.

Right now though, it’s next level. The show is celebrating its 30th season, so rightly, Foxtel have put on a 21 day marathon which launched yesterday at 6am.

Fox 8 is showing every single episode in their original format and in order.

There are some interruptions, There’s a WWE show on this morning, but in essence, 21 days of wall-to-wall Simpsons – every single episode.

And here’s the thing – it’s working.

Yesterday, Simpsons episodes – and remember, these would have been seasons 1 and 2 at best, in their low quality 4:3 ratio format – they made up 11 of the top 20 programs on Foxtel.

Cracking stuff.

Foxtel Top 20 Programs, Monday, December 16:

  1. The Simpsons FOX8 
  2. The Big Bang Theory FOX Funny 
  3. The Simpsons FOX8 
  4. The Simpsons FOX8 
  5. The Simpsons FOX8 
  6. Chris Smith: Inside The News Sky News Live 
  7. Credlin Sky News Live 
  8. The Simpsons FOX8 
  9. The Simpsons FOX8 
  10. Paw Patrol Nick Jr. 
  11. The Simpsons FOX8 
  12. Kenny On Media Sky News Live 
  13. The Simpsons FOX8 
  14. NCIS FOX Crime 
  15. Antiques Roadshow Lifestyle Channel 
  16. The Simpsons FOX8 
  17. The Simpsons FOX8 
  18. S.W.A.T. FOX One 
  19. The Simpsons FOX8 
  20. Death Rides A Horse FOX Classics