There’s no doubt that the advances in TV technology today are in the smaller details, the little things, or the big things that aren’t just the size of the TV or the resolution – but just outright improving the picture quality.

Here at CES, Hisense has announced their Dual Cell ULED TVs will be coming to Australia.

Known as Hisense ULED XD the idea is essentially to combine two LCD layers instead of one. One layer is a greyscale representation of the image, with the other being colour.

By combining the two, layering them onto each other – Hisense is able to achieve even deeper blacks – the deepest ever on a Hisense LED screen – as well as amazing brightness and contrast.

Without beating around the bush, Hisense say their ULED XD TV’s Dual Cell technology “rivals OLED black levels”.

Andre Iannuzzi from Hisense Australia said “If there ever was a Hisense TV
technology to challenge OLED, this would be it. With its highly innovative composition and design, the ULED XD combines two LCD layers that are fused together to create one incredibly impressive display. It sets a new standard in LED TVs and we can’t wait to introduce it to Australians.”

That greyscale LCD layer allows greater control over the light punching through to the viewer, which effectively blocks light from pixels that need to be darker – that’s the genius of it.

The ULED XD TVs will also feature HDR, Dolby Atmos, adaptive Sports Mode, and Game Mode so they are everything you normally get from a Hisense ULED – but with a step up in picture quality.

Pricing and availability won’t be released for a couple of months, but they’re coming down under that’s for sure.