Cooking Pal has introduced us to their latest product here at CES, “Julia”, an intelligent autonomous cooking system that makes producing delicious meals very simple. The Julia system is comprised of a Smart Kitchen Hub that suggests meal ideas and provides step-by-step recipe instructions and a Smart Kitchen Appliance that takes all of the work out of preparing dishes with the ability of carrying out a myriad of cooking tasks.

Julia is able to weigh, chop, knead, mix, cook and steam in one device. Users simply select a recipe from many of the recipes built into Julia, add the ingredients as she instructs and sit back and let her do the rest. When finished, Julia will even wash herself up. Anna Khomenko, Marketing Manager at CookingPal said, “Julia makes mouth-watering, healthy, homemade meals fun, easy and fast. Ideal for complete beginners, frantic family lives and those working long hours, the system has been designed to take the chaos out of culinary creations.”

At the heart of the system is the Smart Kitchen Hub a tailor-made tablet optimized for the tough kitchen environment but portable for use anywhere in the home. It controls the kitchen appliance and allows users to browse Julia’s growing catalogue of hundreds of recipes created and tested by professional chefs exclusively for CookingPal.

As well as providing users with step-by-step video guides to prepare recipes, it will also help them find their next favourite meal by using AI-powered recipe recommendations that factor in the number of people being catered for and personal preferences. Using its built-in camera and AI food recognition capability, it can also suggest recipes based on pictures of what’s in stock at home.

Features- Smart Kitchen Appliance

·Design: Sleek, contemporary compact design (440 x 310 x 370 mm) with a stainless steel3Lbowl.All-in-one base with scale accurate to5g, powerful motorwith10speedsup toof5200RPMand heating unit that cooks up to 130 degrees Celsius/265 degrees Fahrenheit

·Modes: Chop, mix, blend, knead, weigh, boil, emulsify, steam, grind, grate, whisk and cook

·Connectivity: The Smart Kitchen Unit and Smart Kitchen Hub connect via Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi a/b/g/n (2.4GHz, 5GHz)

·Cleaning and Care: Julia’s bowl is dishwasher safe or can self-clean simply by adding dish soap and water to the bowl and setting it to mixing mode

Features- Smart Kitchen Hub

·Design:8.9’ touch screen Android tablet with jog dial and portable stand. Durable features to withstand tough kitchen environments

·Recipes: An always-growing database of hundreds of chef-tested recipes

·Automation: AI food recognition feature assists throughout the cooking process, but also provides valuable nutritional information for each ingredient, allowing the user to make healthy food choices.

·Connectivity: Integrated grocery shopping and delivery feature through partnering retailers. Voice control functionality using leading voice assistants.

·App: Accompanying Android or iOS app that will also connect with future CookingPal appliances as well as other smart home devices and apps to create the ultimate connected kitchen

No news on Australian availability as yet but expect a release towards the end of 2020.

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