Last year, LG dominated CES with their Signature OLED R – the TV that rolled down into a small rectangular base. This year they’re doubling down on their OLED range of televisions with a couple of new additions that have certainly caught the eyes of those here at the event.

There’s a total of 14 new OLED models hitting the market as well as fresh NanoCell’s for your to feast on. The advancement in this technology is notably being powered by an all new processor, the a9 Gen 3. Any AV nerd will tell you that the amount of pixels you have in screen isn’t nearly enough to guarantee quality, hence why we’re so excited to hear there’s some serious tech in the latest generation of LG TV’s.

On top of using AI to adjust picture settings and quality based on content, the LG software, powered by the a9 Gen 3 is highly capable of up-scaling content to make as much use of that 8K resolution as possible.

A concept that was raised briefly by LG last year was the thought process behind delivering an image the the director intended you to see. If you’ve ever walked into an electronics store you’ll understand that each television presents a slightly different image. Well to address this, LG have been searching for a way to give you the most ‘authentic’ image possible. Introducing ‘Filmmaker Mode’.

The mode works to deliver the image the way it was intended. We’ve heard from LG that it achieves this by disabling select post-processing effects like motion smoothing, sharpening and noise reduction – features your TV would typically suggest you’d rather have on, but in this instance you’d rather take control over.

OLED panels always provide the most incredible colour contrasts, especially when representing the shade black as individual pixels are able to simply turn off. This aids LG’s OLED range in presenting an image that’s remarkably close to the way it was intended to be seen.

As part of these OLED released, LG have announced three framed art style TV’s known as the GX Gallery series. They’re 4K UHD models that look (as their name would suggest) as though they belong in an art gallery.

They come as part of LG’s ‘space saving’ movement, focused on a very minimalist view of the television, as opposed to the traditional view that would see the TV as the focal point of the room.

This alongside the announcement that 12 of the OLED TV’s will be NVIDIA G-Sync compatible. For the PC gamers among us, this software is incredibly useful as it helps prevent tearing and visual artifacts from interfering with the gaming experience. The a9 Gen 3 also allows for a 120hz refresh rate, keeping the display looking smooth.

We’ll be keeping you posted with all of the specs and latest products to come out of LG and CES in the coming days.