Being a parent is the most important job in the world. Parent’s of babies in particular are keen to set up routines early and make sure every one of their needs are taken care of.

Baby monitoring cameras have been around a long time and so too have apps that allow parents to enter sleep and feeding times and nappy changes. Many parts of our lives have become automated thanks to smart devices and parent’s wanting to have more information at their fingertips to anticipate changes, develop routines or just trying to understand their babies development.

Lumi by Pampers is a product announced here at CES combines a HD video baby monitor with an activity sensor to bring the information together in an app so parents can have a complete view of their baby’s sleep, feeding and nappy information all in one place.

The activity sensor allows parents to monitor the wetness of the nappy and count how many changes are made throughout the day. A good indication on the baby’s health.

The video monitor is HD 1080p 180̊⁰ HD wide-angle video that has two-way audio. The video monitor will also monitor the room temperature and humidity.

Stay tuned for Australian pricing and availability.

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