It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is going to be an incredibly integral part of our daily lives into the future… Anyone that’s seen Iron Man could tell you that. Which is why the team at LG have made it the focus of their entire suite of products moving forward – ensuring they’ll live up to their famous tagline “Life’s Good”.

When discussing AI, LG house all of their discussions under the ‘ThinQ’ banner, a product line we’ve seen primarily across their phones. The first look they gave us into how AI will benefit the consumer was ‘Proactive Customer Care’ – a concept that would see a significant decrease in maintenance and turnover of products.

It works in such a way that ThinQ devices such as the LG ThinQ Washer could alert you to potential problems before they snowball into serious issues. This ranges anywhere from lack of proper ventilation to the washer all the way to the amount of detergent you’re using for your wash!

The software is able to acknowledge the concern and send you specific instructions as to how to rectify it. LG suggest that 1 in 5 maintenance calls will be avoided due to this technology.

While we’re on the topic of the LG ThinQ Washer, get a load of this thing;

You’ll notice the ThinQ Washer has a second compartment underneath the loading door – this convenient little drawer is set aside for your time of desperation, when you’ve got a load of washing on and need to quickly rush one thing through, like that sweaty soccer uniform or school socks.

However onto the more high-tech and significantly more exciting attributes of the washer. It’s able to detect different fabrics and types of clothing to automatically adjust wash settings. It takes the guess work out of the task.

They’ve talked a lot about the future of AI, a concept we’ll report on further with their new range of televisions – but into the home LG are also bringing some trendy appliances;

The LG InstaView ThinQ Oven! Much like their InstaView Fridge, all you need to do is knock twice on the front of this bad boy and you’ll see right inside. Removing the need to open up the oven, releasing that all too familiar blast of unbearable heat.

You’re also able to send recipes straight to the Oven, speeding up the prep time for your meals.

Speaking of the InstaView Fridge, LG have also announced an updated version of their Door-in-Door. This time with craft ice! Directly from the freezer tray of your fridge, you’ll now have access to perfect spheres of ice, 2mm in diameter for all of your cocktail related needs.

Last but by no means least is the LG Signature WineCellar. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s fully equipped with LG’s classic double knock mechanism to illuminate the inside of the cooler – alongside innovative cooling technology and an array of customization options. It wouldn’t be a wine cellar in 2020 if it wasn’t connected to your internet now would it?

We’ll be bringing you a closer look at these products and many more in the coming days here at CES 2020.