Could a simple wristband be the answer to every question about what you should and shouldn’t eat to help you lose that unwanted weight?

Many of us would already know the traffic light system when it comes to what food we should eat and food we should avoid. The concept is simple. Launching at CES this year is DnaNudge, a wearable wristband that will tell you by a simple red or green light, food that you should be eating and food that you should be avoiding based on your DNA profile.

Think about it, we are not all built the same. What is good for one person to eat might not be for another. So why not use this information in our own DNA to take away the guess work.

Your DNA sample is collected from a cheek swap and once analysed, your digital DNA report is uploaded into the DnaNudge app. With the colour customizable wrist band, you will be able to scan products in your fridge or at the supermarket and get the green, orange or red coloured feedback if the food is recommended to eat based on your DNA.

The idea is to simply steer you in the right direction of good food choices. Simply swapping out food rather than avoiding them altogether to create a heathier lifestyle. In addition, there is a green bar that measures how much movement you are doing throughout the day. Forget to move around and the bar starts to turn amber as a reminder to get up and move around.

Stay tuned for Australian pricing and availability.

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