There’s few bigger Android phone launches than the announcement of new Samsung Galaxy S-series phones. Samsung has today announced that they’ll show off their next ones on February 11th.

Samsung has begun inviting members of the press to the event, where we expect to see the Galaxy S11 – or possibly the Galaxy S20 – if rumours circulating about a change in the name of the phones prove to be correct.

Samsung could also unveil a Galaxy Fold 2 at the event, with the promise that they will ‘unveil new, innovative devices that will shape the next decade of mobile experiences’ pointing to the burgeoning foldable phone market that’s now emerging.

The invite was accompanied by a teaser video, which doesn’t appear to be giving too much away.

Samsung has previously unveiled Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Active watches with their new phones, so it’s possible that these accessories could be announced with the new phones. We’ll find out all about what they have next month.