The ongoing bush fire crisis in Australia has affected many Australians. To help them connect more easily Telstra has announced they’ll be offering free use of their payphones and Telstra Air Wi-fi hotspots from tomorrow.

Telstra CEO Andy Penn announced the generous offer which will see all Telstra payphones around the country will be available to use free of charge to make local, national and standard mobile calls. Telstra will also be allowing free use of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network at payphones equipped to provide it.

The free access through Telstra payphones will be ongoing until further notice says Mr Penn. The offer of free calls, and data is in addition to their existing disaster assistance packages across all states impacted by the fires.

Access to payphones will of course be impacted by availability, however Mr Penn has also re-iterated that the Telstra team is continuing to work around the clock with emergency services to access their infrastructure in order to get services back online.

Telstra, along with Optus and Vodafone have all announced that they will waive the mobile bill for volunteer firefighters, but this is an additional very generous offer that will help many displaced Australians to connect with loved ones.

The offer begins tomorrow, so if you need to you can utilise the free service then.