Forget the back to school tips for kids, there’s plenty of those around – which Laptops to buy, smartphones to consider and all that.

Now that the kids are heading back to school, surely it’s time to make life easier for Mum and Dad!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay at home parent or you’re off to work – there’s plenty of ways to make your life easier now that the kids are off to work – and even save money.

Smart Plugs

Firstly, if you’re off to work or off for a coffee – did you turn off the iron?

Use a smart switch on things you might regularly leave on accidentally, or want to control remotely.

They work simply to turn a regular power point into an app-controlled power point in an instant.

You can get the Laser Smart WiFi Plug with Dual USB Charger at Big W for $29.95

Smart Cooling & Heating

You’re off for the day, but is the air conditioner still on? OR, do you want to make sure the house is cooling down ready for you or the kids to come home? Sensibo Sky is the answer.

Sensibo Sky is a small device that replaces your infra-red remote control. You can see from anywhere on an app what the temperature is, turn on and off the air conditioner and also set schedules to make sure it’s off when the kids go to school or late at night.

Smart Cleaning

Guys, get a robot vacuum.

Particularly now the kids are heading back to school – the house is empty, the toys are off the school so let a robot vacuum do the sweeping around the house!

One of the best value is the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950 – you can link it with Google Assistant so you can command it with your voice for the ultimate service – you’ll find them for $999 at JB Hi-Fi and Appliances Online

Get Groovy

The kids are gone, so it’s your time and your music selection.

After weeks of the kids choosing their music, get yourself going with Apple Music or Spotify and fire it up on a smart speaker.

From the basic Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, to more advanced speakers like the Google Home Max or Apple HomePod – they can fill your room with the music of your choice – just by asking!