At CES today, Sony took to the stage on what was a much-anticipated press event. The event started with a look at the history of the Playstation and announced the new Playstation 5. Unforunately, not much was revealed about the new console except a new logo. A release date wasn’t announced but we have been told to expect more announcements in the coming months.

In what came as a complete surprise was the announcement of a car from Sony. The car is called Sony Vision S. Let’s be clear, the car is a concept only and is designed to showcase many strengths across multiple tech platforms.

The Vision-S features 33 different sensors that include multiple windscreen displays, 360 audio, and always on-connectivity. The panoramic screen across the dashboard displays all the driving information and entertainment.

Details are fairly limited on the exact specifications of the Vision-S but it shows what a company like Sony is capable of by looking into the future.

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