CES is not just about TV announcements, instead there’s a growing focus on IoT and Home Automation which includes home security. Leaders in do-it-yourself security, Swann, have announced a new range of wire-free home security devices at the show, which are sure to integrate well into your home setup.

The new range is all about simplicity, taking out the hassle of cabling up a new setup around your house. The range is cohesive including hardware consisting of the Swann Wire-Free Security Camera, Swann Wire-Free Video Doorbell & Chime and the Swann Wi-Fi Security Tracker Camera.

The simplicity for their new wire-free range extends to their software setup through the ‘Swann Security’ app for Android and iOS, and integration with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Unlike other security systems on the market, Swann takes pride in their devices allowing video footage to be stored for free locally on microSD cards, or on compatible Swann DVRs or NVRs,with backup to Swann’s secure cloud server, Mike Lucas, CEO, Swann said of the new range

At Swann, we recognise the security needs of everyday home users and are committed to simplifying this for our consumers. Consumers want access to high-quality home security solutions that prevent crime, interconnect with one another, and offer value, with no recurring fees. Our new Wire–Free cameras provide all of this, in a sleek new design, without the need to compromise on features or safety,.

Swann Wire-Free Security Camera
The Swann Wire-Free Security Camera is able to be installed indoor, or out, and captures video footage in 1080p resolution and with a wide 180 degree viewing angle, allows users to capture everything happening in front of the camera in high definition.

The camera supports facial recognition with an option to recognise up to 10 people’s faces at no extra cost. You can even communicate with them using the 2-way talk function.

The no hub functionality and onboard memory means that even if the power/internet is down, the camera will continue to record, ensuring peace of mind 24/7.

Swann Wire-Free Video Doorbell & Chime
For those wanting a wire-free doorbell setup, the Swann Wire-Free Video Doorbell & Chime is one of the most compact setups we’ve seen. The doorbell can operate wire-free or be wired into your home, replacing an existing doorbell.

The doorbell camera can capture 1080p HD video, and with a 180 degree viewing angle, you won’t miss much. The camera in the doorbell also supports the facial recognition of the security camera remembering up to 10 people. The integrated 2-way talk feature offers everyone a safe way to open the door to interact with whoever rings, no matter what time of day or night.

The Wire-Free Video Doorbell comes with its own portable, battery-powered chime unit which comes with 36 melodies to choose from.

Swann Wi-Fi Security Tracker Camera
Lastly, but by no means least, the Swann Wi-Fi Security Tracker Camera is the world’s first compact, non-mechanical pan-tilt security camera by introducing Direction Detection.

Instead of pan and tilt, the camera captures video at a high resolution, then uses Swann’s Light Flow Detection to auto-zoom in on suspicious activity happening in-frame. You don’t lose any video with the auto-zoom, with Swann delivering two screens, first a full 180-degree view of what’s in front of the camera, as well as a second showing the detected activity.

The Wi-Fi Security Tracker Camera also incorporates two-way audio so you can greet family as they come home, confront an intruder in your home, or talk to your dog who’s wandering around in your house.

Swann has yet to announce pricing or availability of their new range, but they should be available from a range of retailers and online when they launch. We’ll have more details on pricing and dates closer to launch.