Sprinkl is a startup that develops irrigation products for the home that’s focused on the conservation of water. A critical consideration for any sprinkler system in our time of drought. The Sprinkl system is a fully automated home gardening system that takes all the guess work out of watering the lawn and garden.

Sensors in the garden aren’t a new thing but what sets the Sprinkl system apart is that it’s connected to your home wi-fi and uses a combination of determining the water content in your lawn with local weather forecasts to decide if to commence watering each day. A great little feature is that in times of water restrictions, it’s able to sync itself with local watering restrictions to ensure no rules are broken.

The Sprinkl sensors take moisture content measurements at 1”, 3”and 5”and is communicated back to the control centre in real time. This data can be accessed through the companion app. The control system automatically detects if your garden requires water. The system does not require you to create a schedule.

This is a system that is a step up from other products on the market that often require rely on a Bluetooth connection. The added value of wi-fi is being able to monitor the system away from the home through the app.

No news on Australian availability as yet but Sprinkl are interested in getting into the Australian market.

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