The LifeStyler has been relaxing over Christmas reading books and visiting the beach but for many this summer, tragedy and changed plans has been the reality.

Technology has played such a big part in our lives this year from streaming movies to podcasts in the car to online books and gaming.  However, most importantly it has kept us safe.

A mate of mine lost his house on the south coast of NSW.  Fortunately, he had the Fires near me app and received the warning to evacuate at 7 am.  By 10am his house was vaporised by fire.  Without this technology, he and his wife would not be here today.

We can use our phones/apps/internet to find people, we can understand what roads are closed and we can even in the case of another friend find last-minute holiday accommodation when your plans fall through.

We can keep abreast of the latest news and weather and we can donate to help others. 

Use the technology to make sure you stay safe and make your lives just that little bit easier.

So this summer spare a thought for those who are hurting and may have lost everything. Visit the Red Cross and donate today. 

In any context, I hate to think how much worse summer could have been if we did not have technology.