True beer will taste better from a tap rather than a bottle or can. There are a number of reasons behind this, in no particular order:

  • When commercial beer is brewed, fermentation is stopped and that then creates a shelf life or use by date.  This can be extended with preservatives (by some brewers), but fresh is best and beer coming from a keg is most likely to be younger than from that can you have had in the garage for 2 months.
  • Beer poured in a glass allows the full aroma to be smelled as we drink.  Smell has a much bigger influence on taste than our taste buds themselves. So next time you have a bottle or a can try pouring it into a glass and see if you notice a difference.
  • Nothing can beat a cold glass and a cold beer straight from the tap.  Interesting fact, the cold subdues the flavour so some beers like ales are best served not so cold. The English do have a reason for drinking warm beer.
  • Have you ever wondered why most beer bottles are brown and not clear?  The answer is to cut down the light.  Light spoils beer which is why a keg is better for storing beer.
  • Last but not least, air is your enemy.  That small gap of air in the top of your beer bottle is actually also spoiling your beer.  Again another reason why a keg is better.

The big disadvantage is price. Takeaway is always cheaper but given the choice always go for the draft beer from the taps rather than a bottle when visiting your local establishment.  It will taste better. Cheers!