The Aura Strap transforms your Apple Watch into the ultimate health-improving wearable. The Apple Watch does a great job at tracking your activities but with the addition of the Aura Strap, you are able to get much more data on your general health and well-being.  

The Aura Strap is a Apple Watch strap with built-in health tracker that allows you to track changes to your body throughout a normal day by measuring fat and muscle mass in your body. In addition, the Aura Strap allows you to track your hydration levels at any time. 

Complete with a companion Apple Watch app, it really is a great addition to the Apple Watch for a complete health improving wearable.

In addition to the Aura Strap, is the Aura Band that offers the same ability to measure fat and muscle mass as well as hydration levels but it’s its own health tracker that will track you daily activity, including calories burned and performance, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking and notifications from your smart phone.

The Strap and Band come with a six-month replaceable battery. The Aura Band is available on pre-order for US$99, with the Aura Strap available for US$179 from their website.

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