Giving the proper attention to our teeth is probably the most important hygiene task we do each day. Proper attention must be given to your teeth and gums to prevent expensive visits to the dentist. We’ve all been using toothbrushes for years and you probably haven’t given any thought into what exactly it’s doing. Sure it’s removing the furry feeling on your teeth but what else?

The ToothWave toothbrush claims to replicate the type of clean you would normally get from a visit at the dentist. A normal toothbrush will remove plaque from your teeth, that furry feeling but it doesn’t remove the tartar that attaches itself to the tooth’s surface.

The technology in ToothWave sends a mild radiofrequency wave of charged molecules called DentalRF that destabalises the bonds between the tooth’s surface and the impurities. That means whiter teeth than just a normal toothbrush can achieve.

Two brush heads are included in the box in a large and a small size and additional heads are available if you prefer a harder brush than the extra soft brushes that come with it.

The ToothWave works like any typical electric toothbrush and has three speeds of vibration, high, medium or low. The DentalRF is still active even if you don’t want to use the vibrations.

Without using any chemicals, ToothWave claim to give you a white smile in six weeks.

ToothWave is available in Australia through Silkn for $430.

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