It’s a stand! It’s a magnetic phone case! No, that’s an Ohsnap (read “oh snap”). At no point in my life have I ever thought I needed or wanted a phone grip. For the most part I think they look bulky and ridiculous – that was until I ran into Ohsnap.

I’ll start off with the most important part of the product; by default, this phone grip will sit flat against the back of your device. That’s to say you’ll hardly notice it’s even there, until it’s time to use it.

Let’s talk features. First and foremost, before anything else Ohsnap is a grip. The edges of the case bend inward to create a ring shape that will ‘snap’ together, with enough room to house a finger. It looks a little like this;

But wait, there’s more. The ring pictured above is conveniently positioned to work as a miniature kickstand for your phone. Allowing you to prop it up in both landscape and portrait – whether it be to binge Netflix in style or otherwise to best frame yourself for an important video call.

The ‘housing’ of the grip has two awfully exciting attributes. The first of which being that it’s magnetic. Waiting at the bus stop and bored of holding your phone in your hand? Pin it to the post! More importantly, if you’re jumping in the car, Ohsnap will stick directly to any standard magnetic phone holder. Making it one of the least invasive and most portable mobile holding solutions.

The second characteristic that has me a little excited about the Ohsnap is that the ‘ring’ that’s formed by snapping the edges together can be slid up and down the holder. Which is to say regardless of your hand/finger size, you’ll be compatible with the attachment.

As per it’s ability to fold back to an almost flat state, only protruding 3mm, Ohsnap won’t prohibit wireless charging and won’t bother you when you go to sit your phone flat on it’s back.

It’s currently available worldwide from their site and should be a serious consideration if you need either a phone holder while in the car or else if you’re prone to dropping!