Smart helmets are by no means a brand new invention – but we have never seen one as aesthetically appealing as the TALI. From the incredible amount of lights to ensure you’re visible, to the turning indicators and remarkably futurist style, this is a helmet that’ll get some serious attention out on the streets.

The warning lights and turn signals work a full 360-degrees around the head to provide an incredible amount of visibility and awareness of your position, which as we know all too well can be a serious and often deadly issue for riders.

TALI is also connected to your phone via bluetooth for a few different functions; namely to give you voice-activated access to phone calls, navigation and your assistant of choice. However in saying that, naturally you’ll be able to stream music and through the TALI app, set up custom lighting options!

However the best is yet to come.. that same TALI app that will give you some pretty groovy lights is also responsible for some serious safety features. They call is the “I-Emergency” system and it works to detect an accident or serious fall. In such an event, the headset can be programmed to automatically make an emergency call. While we hate to think about it, being prepared for the unthinkable is important for a rider.

The app also features a geofence anti-theft alarm, bike servicing reminders and maintenance logs – to work as an all-in-one hub for your riding experience.

Complete with real-time GPS tracking and ride analysis, the TALI helmet really is a product worth considering if you own or are looking to own a motorbike in 2020.